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Месть (2009 )

In Macau, a family is attacked by three killers and only the wife survives severely wounded. Her father, the French chef Francis Costello, travels to Macau to visit his daughter in the hospital and steals the photos of his daughter, her husband and two children from the police department to seek revenge against the killers. Costello stumbles with the independent hit-men Kwai, Chu and Fat Lok that are under contract with the mobster George Fung at his hotel and he hires the trio to hunt down the killer of his daughter's family. They locate the killers in Hong Kong and they travel to kill them. But they have a surprise when they discover who ordered to kill the family. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Third part of an informally established trilogy, with 'The Mission' (1999) and 'Exiled' (2006) being the previous installments. Among sharing a number of noted cast members (Anthony Wong, Simon Yam, Lam Suet) and locations (Macau), the films are primarily connected by certain ideas, such as - at times ironical - reflections on themes like brotherhood and loyalty; fatalism; and group dynamics. All three films also feature elaborate action sequences with a strong, almost geometrical sense of space. See more »

In the final confrontation scene when Costello attacks in the Cafe, starts the action in the light of day, it seems at noon or sunset. Then when the bad guy escapes with his guards, appear in an alley, in total darkness, suddenly it got dark. See more »


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Simple To(ken of gratitude)

As a Johnnie To fan, I have to say, that this is one of his weaker works. But it sill has a standard that some others may never reach (in my opinion that is of course). While there are themes of some of his other movies here too (loyalty etc.) and there are some nice character beats, as a whole there seems something lacking. But not only that, even small details have been done better.

One scene for example, where our main character puts a gun together has been done with much more style and class in the Korean movie "A bittersweet life". Also the ending of that scene feels rushed and somehow wrong. The main actors sometimes have to speak English (although it seems that some of them have been dubbed, they still learned phonetically, so it doesn't appear as dubbed) and you can tell, they are not feeling good doing this.

While our main character has a flaw, there are still quite a few things that shouldn't have happened quite like they do in the movie (pictures for example, and you will know what I mean, if you watch the movie). And while the flaw is a nice touch, it also almost works against the movie.

Again, a good movie in my book, but still quite a bit off. what I came to expect from Mr. To!

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