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Revealing mistakes: When Carol Anne escapes the stairwell, her hair seems to defy gravity, indicating that the shot was filmed in reverse.See more »

Pat Gardner :[after Bruce gets sucked into the window void outside the building, Carol Anne shows up to warn Pat off ]
[shouts ]
Pat Gardner :Carol Anne!
Carol Anne :[sadly ] Go away, Pat! He doesn't want them, he only wants me! You don't love me, you don't want me here. My parents don't love me either. They sent me away. Kane loves me, Kane wants me!
[holds out her hand ]
Carol Anne :Give me Tangina's necklace and you can have Bruce and Donna back. They're your family. I'll go with Kane.
Pat Gardner :[voice quivering ] Your mom and dad do love you! They love you very much! And I love you too. It's hard for me to show it sometimes but I do love you!
Carol Anne :[doesn't believe her ] No, save your family! They're the ones who mean something to you, not me!
Pat Gardner :[with tears in her eyes ] That's not true! You are part of my family! You and Donna are like my children! I love you, Carol Anne and I'll do anything to prove that! You've got to believe me!
Carol Anne :[angrily ] No! Go away!
[. ]
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Dr. Seaton, You Rock.. 6 February 2005

Strange little sequel filled with annoying characters and some horrible dialog. Poltergeist 3 is not really all that bad, it just suffers greatly from those two flaws. Story does wisely by switching the setting from the suburbs to the big city. The character Carol Anne now resides with her aunt and uncle and snobby cousin in Chicago, where they live in a high rise. Soon, ghosts start popping up again. This movie has some of the stupidest lines in it, it's often hard not to grin. O'Rourke did a good acting job in the first two films. Here, not so good. I think that may be the fault of whoever wrote the go-nowhere script. A lot of the characters lines in this seem forced or overacted. Especially the character of Dr. Seaton. The special effects are impressive though. The makers used a lot of mirror tricks that really pull the movie through it's stupider moments. However, the chopped off head of Kane scene was atrocious. I guess this movie suffered because of severe budget cuts.A lot of scenes in this movie feel a bit lame(the kid who busts up through the ice and runs into the window, the "break the mirror" scene,the kid who flips off the security camera, etc. etc.). Nancy Allen, who plays the aunt, does not look happy to be involved in this. Weaker entry in the series, but it is watchable. Seems a bit rushed. Features annoying teenagers you would find in a Friday The 13th movie. A guy rips off Lara Flynn Boyle's cheek. And whats with that growling window pane in the end? Ya gotta see it if you saw the first two. Two stars.


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