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Dragon Eyes (2012)

Dragon Eyes (2012)

Van damme as the lead is terribly misleading. He is a cameo part but that isn't a bad thing because this movie is well done. Weller is well cast in the villain role, he owns every scene he is in. John hyams proves he is much more talented as a director then he's father

The last time I reviewed a movie before it got release to the public was The Girl from the Naked Eye and I pretty much ended up hating the movie. Now compare to this mess to The Girl from the Naked Eye and it makes it look like a masterpiece with the only thing this movie has going for it is Jean-Claude Van Damme appearance. Dragon Eyes is about Ryan Hong who arrives in St. Jude Square, a neighborhood living in fear and despair, to battle against crime in the most boring way possible. This movie has it all from boring characters, boring story, boring violence, boring cinematography, boring actors (with the exception of Vam Damme, and anything else you could think off this movie gets wrong. Three words could best describe the whole experience, it's completely forgettable. The story never develops beyond it's basic premise, there's little to no meaningful character development, and finally offers nothing for the audience. Even if you want to see Vam Damme you'll only see him for like four minutes and his character was supposed to be important to the movie, but he's just tossed aside and wasted in this movie. The story offers nothing to the audience and it's easily forgettable with a ending so terrible that it completely wasted the audience time just by watching it. I want to make one thing perfectly clear about the cast, the closest person you have to a good actor is Jean-Claude Vam Damme. You know you have actors so untalented that they make Jean-Claude Vam Damme look like an Academy Award winning actor. Also don't get suckered into this thinking Vam Damme will do anything cool, he gets one brief scene for himself in the whole movie and that's it. He's completely wasted in this movie, this wouldn't be a problem if the rest of the actors actually gave a Vam Damme (puns intended) about there Damme performances. Gosh were they terrible, they're so unmotivated and dull that I actually consider reading a dictionary while watching this movie. This is one of those rare movie that gets everything wrong with no redeeming value of any kind. Dragon Eyes is a movie at best describe as a shameless scam to fans of Van Damme to buy the movie. It offers nothing to the audience, Vam Damme presence was wasted (that's rare in his case), and finally it's one of the worst Martial Art movie ever made. AVOID THIS AT ALL COST AND DO SOMETHING ELSE WORTH YOUR TIME THEN TO WATCH THIS MESS.

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Well Mr. Hong, it's nice to meet you.

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