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Voiced by Jesse Eisenberg

A perfect day for Blu is making pancakes for Jewel and their 3 kids and plopping on the couch to watch a soccer game. But when it's discovered there might be more blue Macaws out there, Blu reluctantly agrees to go on a short trip to the Amazon to help find them. While the rest of his family happily embraces the adventure and wants to stay forever, Blu struggles to shed his creature comforts and realizes getting back to Rio is going to be harder than he thought.

Voiced by Anne Hathaway

Though she's content with Blu and the kids in Rio, Jewel is overjoyed to venture into the wild so that the whole family can finally shed their human conveniences and act like real wild birds. The trip turns out to be more than she could have ever hoped for when she's reunited with her long lost father. But it becomes clear that Blu is having trouble adapting to the wild, leaving Jewel torn between her desire to stay with her father in the Amazon and Blu's wish to go back to Rio.

Voiced by Rachel Crow

Carla is the spunky eldest of the triplets of Blu and Jewel who'd rather be listening to her iPod than hanging with her family. Though she initially dreads the idea of a family vacation into the wild, she soon finds out her cool uncles, Nico and Pedro, are coming along to scout talent, and suddenly the trip has potential. Carla ultimately blossoms when she finds a way to help scout talent and judge the auditions.

Voiced by Pierce Gagnon

Tiago is the youngest of the kids by three minutes, and the only boy. If something needs to be blown up or destroyed, he is the one to go to. Always up for adventure, Tiago quickly becomes right at home exploring the wild.

Voiced by Amandla Stenberg

Bia is smart like her father, always with a book in hand and quick to spout facts and figures. But when she gets to the Amazon, she is inspired by its awe and wonder. For once, she puts down her books and experiences the colorful life around her.

Nico & Pedro

Voiced by Jamie Foxx & will.i.am

When they hear Blu is headed to the Amazon, Nico and Pedro decide to join the trip to scout new talent for the upcoming Carnival. Their adventure becomes a South American Idol of sorts as these city birds audition a bevy of unique new animals (some with talent, some without), all who exhibit a wild jungle flair.

Voiced by George Lopez

Always up for an adventure, especially when it involves getting a break from his family, Rafael is quick to join the trip to the Amazon once he realizes his buddy will probably need his help. As Blu grows concerned that he's not bird enough for Jewel, Raffie's simple advice, "happy wife, happy life" inspires Blu to try to embrace the wild and "bird up."

Voiced by Jemaine Clement

Though he's lost most of his feathers, wears an Elizabethan vest and now flies like a chicken, our favorite villainous cockatoo is back. We find him in an Amazonian marketplace where he has been relegated to plucking out fortunes for tourists. But an audience is an audience and Nigel takes the stage with Shakespearean flare. However, when he sees Blu and family fly overhead, Nigel finds a new reason to live – revenge on "the bluebirds of his unhappiness."

Voiced by Tracy Morgan

Luiz happily tries to help Nico and Pedro with their talent auditions in Rio. Unfortunately, he usually does more harm than good.