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Убийство Кеннеди (2013 )

Of all the principal characters in this biopic, Marina Oswald was the only person still living at the time of its release. See more »

The panoramic view of Mexico City is clearly a modern shoot: the cars on the street are '90s and 2000 models, one distinctive Mexico City taxi cab - left hand side of the shoot - is a burgundy and gold Chevy, instead of the yellow or green Volkswagen Beetle typical of the time, and the towers of the Cathedral are restored. None of these items were present in 1963. See more »

John F. Kennedy. There are men dying on those beaches, right now. I'm suppose to be the most powerful man in the world and I. I'm impotent. Well, I'll tell you what, this is the last time anyone's gonna make a decision like that for me.
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The most atrocious piece of cinema that has ever been created.

Ask yourself! Why is arguably the most significant historical event in the past 50 years in this country, and one that has been discussed and debated at such incredible length. being portrayed with so much NON- FACTUAL editorial tripe? Is it to present a completely objective view of this event, or is it propaganda?

Only one possible answer: propaganda fluff! The people behind the creation and production of this movie are clearly also in some way involved in the death of JFK. They have enough money to produce a pseudo-historical account of these events, that 100 years from now people will assume is true. This is the only reason anyone would try to paint such a skewed picture of such a widely disputed historical event. There is not an ounce of an attempt to suggest there are any problems with the lone gunman, or any analysis of any of the suspicious activities surrounding the JFK assassination, as well as its timing.

This is, in my opinion, the largest pile of Hollywood crap ever produced!

SOOOOO many unsubstantiated opinions are presented in this movie, it makes it almost unbearable to watch. Oswald is portrayed, a priori, as an unstable, unpatriotic lunatic, while Jack Ruby is portrayed as some philanthropic hero, who is simply too good of a human being to allow Oswald to live! No mention of Ruby's mob ties or other shady connections.

The people who created this movie are the enemy of every human alive today, and all those who would hope to follow us!

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